Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Benefit Majorette: All You Need To Know

If you know me it is no secret that I love Benefit Cosmetics, I mean there's a reason that they're the UK's number 1 best selling makeup brand. Their products are wonderful and I'm yet to try one of their products and not fall in love with it. The formulations of their products is wonderful and the packaging is not only quirky but fun to look at 
and buy. Majorette is their newest product which launched on the 30th August and it ticks all the right boxes; the formulation's wonderful and the packaging is quirky and fun. I mean, just look at it, it's designed around a majorette drum. So cute!
My first impression when looking at the product was that it reminded me of the Bourjois cream to powder blushes as they are both shaped like a dome (granted you can't tell on this picture because I've already been using mine and worn down the pretty pattern that was engraved to start with). Majorette is the first of its kind in the Benefit family, aside from Fine One One (I confess I haven't tried it's three tone looking goodness) which is a cream lip and cheek colour, Majorette is a cream to powder blush. The colour is some what of a pale coral/peach and is supposed to be used underneath any blusher to enhance its colour. Honestly? That works pretty well but on it's own it is beautiful!
Now, I am not a big blush lover. I am very much ok with leaving the house with just bronzer and a bit of highlight on the tops of my cheekbones but this pomegranate and peach scented blush (to me it smells like apricot but I could be wrong, my sense of smell isn't a very strong one) has had me reaching for it every morning to add just a spot of colour to the apples of my cheeks. Not only is it incredibly easy to apply -swirl of the finger and circled onto the cheeks- it blends well and is long lasting even on my face which seems to eat up anything makeup wise within an hour.
The creamy formulation means that Majorette can be applied and blended all before it has set to a powder. But dry skinned girls don't be worried, despite this blush setting as a powder it still leaves the skin with a healthy glow and looks semi-dewy. Majorette is available at all Benefit counters (obviously) and online for £23.50. It may seem a little steep for a blusher but like the rest of Benefit's products I can see this lasting a long time and therefore, it is well worth the money.
Will you be picking up your drum of peachy goodness this weekend?

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