Monday, 24 November 2014

Cheap and Cheerful: The Body Shop Camomile Range

I'm not sure how new the Body Shop's Camomile Range is, or if it is even new at all but I can definitely say that it is a new addition to my skin care regime. After reading multiple reviews of the Camomile Cleansing Oil I had to go out and try it for myself. After reading all of these amazing reviews for this product to say I had high expectations for it would be an understatement. But it did not disappoint.
The cleansing oil removes all traces of my makeup (it does pretty well on eye makeup but I prefer to use a separate eye makeup remover for that area) in just two washes. I usually use two pumps on my face, lather it on, rinse off and then repeat just to make sure my face is completely rid of any makeup. Even though this is an oil it doesn't leave any sort of oily residue on the skin. Bonus! Also, this product is only £10. £10! That's amazing, especially for something that works so well. After the bottle became half empty (not half full no, when it reaches below half way that is very negative for a product you love) I rushed out to repurchase.
But I didn't come back with just the cleansing oil.
Oh no, I came back with the rest of the range to see if the wonderfulness of the cleansing oil was just a one product thing or if it was consistent throughout the range... The verdict? It is definitely consitent throughout the range. Let's start with the Cleansing Butter for £12. This works the same as the cleansing oil in the way that it breaks down all of your makeup and leaves no residue. However, I find that it is much more moisturising on the skin than the oil (probably why it is called the butter). Personally I prefer the butter just because I have dry skin and as I said, I find it is more moisturising on the skin. Plus I find that the oil tends to leak if i is lay down so its not ideal for traveling.
The last part of the range is the Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, they do do this in a non waterproof remover version but I didn't pick that up as the majority of mascara I use is waterproof as I have extremely watery eyes (fun fact about me!). This is an oily formula based eye makeup remover that breaks down the makeup and not only can it be used on the eyes it can also be used on the lips. Being the best eye makeup remover that I have tried and being priced at only £8.00 this has definitely received a permanent spot on my skincare shelf. In fact, all three of these items that I've mentioned have earnt a permanent spot on my skincare shelf.
Thank you Body Shop!

P.S. I know I'm almost out of it all but I'll be running out to the shops on pay day and repurchasing the entire range *insert emoji of money flying away*


  1. Sounds like my skin needs this cleansing butter! I have dry skin too so would love this stuff,I have only just first time ever used a oil cleanser from monu..and was amazed at how soft your skin feels after using oils x I also love the body shop so may have to treat myself to these :D fab post and blog,thanks so much for stopping by my blog :X

  2. I love these so much because usually they'll be on 3 for 2 so really you'll only be paying around £22 for all three which in my humble opinion is more than just a bargain!