Friday, 14 November 2014


So many of you will not know but Debenhams are the mother of sales, I don't think there is a time that they are never not in sale, if it isn't a mid season sale, it's the blue cross sale or so much off of coats and boots. Anyway, every year they have a "mega week" where there are deals across the store. For us beauty lovers we can enjoy 10% off of health and beauty for the whole week. Did someone shout hallelujah?
Now, for all you Benefit junkies out there you'll be pleased to know that the smokin' eyes palette has been reduced to half price. Oh yes, you heard me right, the usually £28.50 palette has been reduced to £14.25. Now that, is what I like to call a bargain. Looking at the palette I wouldn't have even considered paying £28.50 for three eye shadows and "add ons" that I probably will never use, but at £14.25 I snapped one up for myself faster than you can believe. The palette itself seems handy for those of you who travel, it has almost everything you would need if you were on the go; sturdy case with a magnet closing, reasonably sized mirror, tweezers, small eyeliner and a brush that all slot in nicely within the palette. Although I wouldn't particularly use the eyeliner, brush and tweezers, it's always nice to have that option. Right?
Now, down to business. As I briefly mentioned the palette comes with three eye shadows: a shimmery pink which can be used on its own for a hint of colour on your lids on lazy days, or as a highlight shade, a shimmery grey/silver and a matte grey which you can see in my badly photographed images above. (Thumbs up for bad photography skills and moody faces.) Now, I am some what of a neutral girl (unless we're talking purple toned eye shadows, dear Lord they are my weakness) through and through and this is way out of my comfort zone but honestly? I love it. The shades blend beautifully together and can be used to create the most simple of looks or the most dramatic and bold looks. 
The only downfall to the palette for me is the two bottom products; brow zings wax and eye bright. Firstly let me just say that brow zings is a Benefit product I have never liked using (did I really just say I didn't like a Benefit product? Shock horror, somebody call an ambulance I think something's wrong!) but if you do and you use the shade light, you're in luck! Secondly, I LOVE eye bright. Having such small eyes means anything I can use in my waterline to make my eyes a little brighter is a must. But I don't like the way it is placed in the palette. I don't understand how I am supposed to use it on my waterline like I usually would when it is in this form. Instead, I've settled using it under my brow as a highlight (not all is lost).
With all this in mind I still think that this is well worth £14.25. So, will you be rushing out to Debenhams this weekend to grab your own smokin' eyes palette?
P.S the Benefit Peek-A-Bright Eyes palette (not one I own so can't personally recommend) is also on half price this week up until Sunday. Happy shopping!


  1. i have this little kit and i love it! i love benefit make up, espcially their mascara! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. It's such a cute little kit to have. I didn't think the mascara was going to do anything, I genuinely thought it would be a bit gimmicky but I love it! x