Friday, 14 November 2014

Soap & Glory Supercat Liner

For the past few months I have worn eyeliner practically every day. At first I started out with the Maybelline gel pot which my sister uses everyday and it looks flawless on her (I am a very jealous older sibling when it comes to these matters, let me tell you). But for me, the gel pot just didn't cut it. By the end of the day it was always sliding half way down my face and I resembled some what of a panda. Yeah. Not a good look.
Since the panda looking days I have been on the hunt for an eyeliner that can offer smudge proof, long lasting, pigmented flicks that are easy to apply because let's face it, like everything else I suck at eyeliner and need all the help I can get. I'd heard raving reviews about the Soap & Glory Supercat eyeliner so along I went to Boots with the intention to buy just that. That I did. And super this liner is. Every single good review that has raved about this liner, is down right true to every word. It is amazing. The formula of the Supercat liner is the blackest liquid eyeliner I have ever used and is not only pigmented but also really long lasting. And I mean long lasting. I have worn this from eight o'clock in the morning, right the way through work, come home and finally dragged myself to the bathroom at nine o'clock to take it all off and it still looks perfect.
As if that wasn't enough the packaging and design of the eyeliner itself allows for ridiculously easy application. Firstly, it looks like a pen. If this did not have any writing on it you could easily mistake this for your ordinary marker (or at least I would, but I'm not the smartest person you'll ever meet). The shap of the nib is wonderful as you can create such thin lines across your lid or bold and dramatic lines. Also, because this eyeliner is in pen form it makes creating a winged eyeliner look so, so, so, so (do you get the point yet?) easy.
I am now trying to justify spending money on the Tom Ford pen looking eyeliner (you know the one) now that I'm getting to grips with using this type of liner but I don't think my bank balance is quite ready for that. Nor is my explanation to my boyfriend when he sees how much I've spent on a "pen for my eyes". So for now I think I'll stick with this little beauty for only £6.00 from Boots.
Have you tried the Supercat liner yet?


  1. Happy to find your blog as I am in hunt for perfect eye liner :) defo trying it xx
    Nice blog, will follow you gladly ;)

    1. Aw, thank you lovely. Hope you enjoy it! x

  2. I struggle with liquid eyeliners! I might give this a try!x
    Emma |

  3. It's not like using a liquid liner though because it's in a pen form, it's so so easy. Best one I've tried by far! x

  4. I haven't tried the cat liner but I definitely want to! I've dried their eyebrow pen & crayon and it's amazing! x