Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who Can Resist A Boots Haul?

I don't think I've ever been able to go to a Boots and not buy at least one item. Or, if I haven't bought anything I've definitely left with an arm full of swatches. But that's ok right? There's no harm in that despite how my purse may feel after a "quick" visit to the local Boots.
Now let's set the scene, it's two days after pay day, I'm feeling a little low and have decided a quick trip to Boots to get some Autumn/Winter esque shades of nail varnish would be a good start to the weekend. Half an hour later and only one nail varnish to show for my time, my purse was feeling a little lighter but my spirits were much higher. Now, let's get on to what I bought shall we?
Rimmel Wonderful Mascara: Unlike everyone else I am not a big fan of most of the drugstore mascaras everyone else seems to love (I'm talking about you Maybelline falsies) but when I saw the advert for this after just thinking I needed to try more mascaras it seemed like destiny. Like a lot of products at the moment this mascara has argan oil in which is supposed to help condition your lashes. I am excited to see if fate has worked some magic and this mascara is my match made in heaven. Watch this space for a follow up review.
Rimmel Brows This Way: Being a big fan of the Benefit Gimmie Brow I decided that I would try the high street version, or what I am assuming is supposed to be a close match. My first impression of this product is that the wand is huge and I'm talking mascara wand huge (ok, it's not that big and I am exaggerating but it is pretty big) and I'm just not sure how that's going to work for my sparse little brows. Time will tell. Who knows, maybe I've just found a cheaper alternative for my well loved Gimmie Brow...
Soap & Glory Solar Powder: After religiously applying the Sleek Contour Palette bronzer to my face every day since Christmas Day (yes I have an exact day that I have been using that baby since) I have decided that it was time to try something new, extend my horizons so to speak. I've heard nothing but good reviews for this product so I am extremely excited to give it a whirl. There are two halves to the bronzer, one a more paler shade and the other much darker. I feel together they'd make the perfect all-over bronzer but the lighter shade might be better for those much paler/see through skin looking days I have from time to time (ok, you got me, I have one of those days every day).
Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer: I am still yet to find a concealer that can cover my dark circles under my eyes. Nothing seems to stop that tired, raging blue shade from shining through each day. So with a salmon shade corrector, a concealer and a translucent powder slotted into this small compact I am more than happy to give it a go. Initially when swatching the shades on the back of my hand I found that the textures were very creamy which made me worry that they'd crease under my eyes but then my not so bad short term memory reminded me that there is a setting powder with the compact and I should bite the bullet and give it  try.
Side note, if you have any recommendations for concealers that are great for covering dark under eyes and spots please throw them my way because I need all the help I can get with that matter!
Soap & Glory Clean On Me & Orangeasm Body Washes: Now that I'm writing up this post I'm noticing that I was having a bit of a moment with Soap & Glory. I've put these both in the same sub-section as they are virtually the same thing. Clean On Me is one of my favourite body washes of all time so it was inevitable that I would be picking this up. Usually I would have picked up Sugar Crush but coming out of the summer months I wanted something with less of a citrus scent. Ironically, I did pick up Orangeasm which completely contradicts my last statement. In my defense I have not been able to find this anywhere and have been keen to try it for months and I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait.
Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub: Soap & Glory know how to make some good shower/bath products and their exfoliaters are the top of my list whenever I go in Boots. The reason I've gone for this pot of oaty smelling goodness is purely because of smell. In short, it reminds me of Autumn/Winter mornings as porridge is something I'm much more likely to eat then. Not sure if that's weird or not, I'll let you decide.
MaxFactor Gel Shine Laquer: So, the thing that I went in for in the first place was actually the last thing that I picked up. I just couldn't find any darker shades that I saw as Autumn/Winter appropriate. And I looked all over that shop, I'm talking all the makeup stands, Essie, Models Own, Sally Hansen (although I've never tried any of these nail polish's and was very tempted to pick up a minty green colour but I resisted, 10 points to me) everywhere! But nothing caught my eye other than this. It's basically a dark teal and I know my sister has a similar shade which I love but this is so much nicer than that. It doesn't streak and with two coats its completely opaque. All in all, it's a good nail polish.

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