Monday, 15 December 2014

A Mixed Review

 Having grown up with my little sister who has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen but also has the worst skin care routine I have ever seen (I'm talking baby wipes to remove makeup and a bit of moisturiser slapped on afterwards and yet she still only gets a spot like once a year... How is that fair I ask with great sadness in my eyes and jealousy in my heart.) I have always wished for clear skin like hers. Thankfully I have got her into a more "sophisticated" skin care routine (baby wipes be gone!) and her skin is looking even better but that's a different story for a different time. Today I'm talking about my spots and how not being graced with perfect skin like my sisters has led me to trying all sorts of products to help calm my skin.
So, if you read my "Blitzed Blemishes" post you will know that I have been suffering with a bad case of a breakout for a while. Now before I started to use the Clinique Clearing Gel that I talk about in that post I came across this Lush Tea Tree Toner Water. After hearing such good reviews about this product and hw a lot of peple said it seemed to calm their breakouts I snapped up a bottle and introduced it into my routine the same night. So it comes in a spray bottle and the consistency of the product is just like water. I spray this directly onto my face after I have cleansed at night (sometimes in the morning if I feel my skin needs it) and let it sink in and work its magic. I just want to add in that you don't have to spray this directly onto your face, you can apply it to a cotton pad and then use that but I find that a direct spritz is much more refreshing. The smell of this is unbelievably therapeutic and relaxing too as it's not too potent. It's just a nice blend.
Now, I have used tea tree products in the past but I have always found that they are far too drying for my skin whereas this is completely different to anything else that I have tried. At first I fell in love with this product as it seemed to clear away all signs of blemishes but a few weeks later my skin seemed to become immune to the water and respond with a fresh wave of blemishes that wouldn't budge. And it isn't just me who seems to feel the same, after recommending this to my friend Mariah I asked her if she was having the same problem and she agreed that after a couple of weeks it was as if the toner water just stopped working.
However, all is not lost, at only £7.50 for 250g I don't feel like I have wasted my money. It is still a lovely product that helps calm and soothe the redness on my skin that blemishes bring however it's not so great at keeping them at bay like it was at first. That being said I'll still be keeping a bottle of this in my skincare stash for a refreshing spritz every now and then.

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